IOB ATM Block, How to Block IOB ATM Card, Block my IOB ATM Card by SMS, IOB ATM Block Toll Free Number,

Blocking an Indian Overseas Bank ATM Card, Indian Overseas Bank has collaborated with Master Cards, Rupay, and Visa for the Debit Card Program. Clients can use the Card to withdraw money from IOB bank ATMs and for other purposes.


This debit card may also be used to withdraw cash from any ATM that shows the Mastercard, Rupay, or Visa logos. The debit card may also be used to make purchases in person or online at a variety of merchant locations.

How to Block IOB ATM Card

As a result, you must always keep this crucial card secure. If you happen to lose it or compromise it, you should get it blocked right away. The technique for blocking the card is as follows.

IOB ATM Block, How to Block IOB ATM Card, Block my IOB ATM Card by SMS, IOB ATM Block Toll Free Number,

Methods for the Block IOB ATM Card, There are various ways for the Indian Overseas Bank ATM card block, and they are-

1) Block IOB Debit Card through Online Banking

You may also use the Indian Overseas Bank web interface to ban or suspend your card. Go to and provide certain information, such as your registered mobile number, SB/CDCC Account Number, and the phrase shown in the image, to suspend the debit card instantly.

After submitting the form, an OTP (One Time Pin) will be issued to your registered cellphone number. To complete the card suspension procedure, enter this OTP in the specified field on the following screen.

2) Block IOB Bank ATM Card by Email

The IOB bank provides a straightforward email service for banning your debit card. Please send an email from your registered email address to Ensure to provide any necessary account details as well as the card number to be locked. The bank will send you an email to confirm that your debit or ATM card has been successfully blocked.

3) Blocking the Indian Overseas Bank ATM Card Offline

You can also visit your nearest IOB branch during business hours to get your debit card disabled. You must bring the necessary identity documents to the bank. Following that, you must submit account and credit card details. The bank administrators will instantly block your debit card as they receive the information.

4) Via a Hotline, Indian Overseas Bank Blocks ATM Card

The Indian Overseas Bank has offered its clients with a hotline number to which they can call for answers to any issues they may have. The toll-free number for the IOB is 1800 425 4445. Consumers may phone this toll-free number 24 hours a day, seven days a week to have their debit card instantly revoked.

To make the call, only your registered mobile number should be used. When you contact the number, you will be given a sequence of IVR instructions to follow. Follow the instructions carefully and input the right number to deactivate the debit card. Once you request that your debit card be banned, the executive in charge will ask you some questions to verify your identity.

Upon verification, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered cellphone number, and your card will be stopped immediately.